ELECTIONS 2014: Issues in the Manor House ward of Hartlepool

Summerhill Country Park
Summerhill Country Park

AS part of the Mail’s 2014 local elections coverage, we will be focusing on all 11 wards in Hartlepool where seats are up for grabs.

The Mail will be profiling the 49 candidates who want your vote and examining the issues that are affecting local residents ahead of the election on Thursday, May 22.

Our coverage continues with the Manor House Ward.

THE Manor House ward is today in the election spotlight with residents raising concerns about litter problems and anti-social behaviour.

Shop owners at St Patrick shops, in Owton Manor Lane, say they want to see more done to keep the area clean, while residents have called for a greater presence from police community support officers, especially after school and on an evening.

People in the Manor House ward, which covers the Owton Manor and Rift House area of Hartlepool, also called for more parking and for more activities for children and young people.

One of the main talking points in recent months has been the future of Manor Residents’ Association and in April it was confirmed the disgraced manager of the troubled charity, which is being investigated by the Charity Commission and fraud squad detectives, had been axed.

The new committee confirmed former councillor Angie Wilcox was asked to leave her role within the organisation and a spokeswoman told the Mail how committee members and staff are hoping to be able to rebuild the charity’s tattered reputation.

Meanwhile, residents have praised the strong community spirit in the area and the areas of green space, including the Hartlepool Borough Council-run Summerhill Country Park, off Catcote Road.


Paul Atkinson runs Atkinson & Co Allsorts Store in Owton Manor Lane.

The 50-year-old lives in Macrae Road and told the Mail: “I think the council could do more to keep the area clean and there should also be security cameras round the back of the shops.

“There could also be more for children to do because if there was then they wouldn’t have to hang around the shops so much.”

Unemployed Stevan Fawcett, 26, of Kintra Road, Hartlepool, said: “Up here there certainly needs to be more for children and young people to do. There was a new play area installed but that was quickly vandalised and the swings broken.

“I’d also like to see more PCSO’s patrolling the streets, especially when the kids are let out of school.”

Kay Davidson, 26, who owns K Davidson Pet Supplies in Wynyard Road, said: “The parking outside the shops in this stretch could certainly be better as sometimes people can’t find a space and end up not coming in, which obviously affects business. The council are always cleaning the streets.”

Janice Preston, 49, of Ivanhoe Crescent, a mum-of-two said: “There is a good community spirit in this part of town but there could certainly be more for young people.

“They are limited in what they can do.”