ELECTIONS 2014: Your complete guide to candidates and issues in Hartlepool

ELECTIONS: Make sure to follow our live coverage
ELECTIONS: Make sure to follow our live coverage

THOUSANDS of Hartlepool residents will go to the polls today to cast their vote and elect their new councillors.

A total of 49 candidates are standing in Thursday’s Local Election for election to Hartlepool Borough Council, the same day as elections for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) take place.

The count underway at the Mill House Centre.

The count underway at the Mill House Centre.

One councillor will be elected to each of the 11 wards in Hartlepool and will serve for a term of four years. The 11 wards are Burn Valley, De Bruce, Fens & Rossmere, Foggy Furze, Hart, Headland & Harbour, Jesmond, Manor House, Rural West, Seaton and Victoria.

Across town there are 57 polling stations, which will be open continuously from 7am to 10pm to give people as much time as possible to cast their votes.

Electors can vote either in person at their allocated polling station on the day of the poll or by post.

The count will then take place at Mill House Leisure Centre, in Hartlepool’s Raby Road, with the winning candidates expected to be announced in the early hours of the morning.

Peter Devlin

Peter Devlin

The Mail, which has featured all 11 wards and the candidates vying for your votes over the past fortnight, will be covering the election count live.

Turn out in the 2012 Local Elections was a disappointing 26 per cent and council officials are hoping for a higher percentage this year.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s returning officer Peter Devlin said: “I think it’s very important for people to exercise their right to vote as this gives them the opportunity to influence decisions which affect their local area.”

In total, the Borough Council comprises 33 council seats with one-third of the seats up for election each year for three years out of four.

For the European Parliament elections, the North-East returns three MEPs and elections are held every five years.

For more information people are asked to call the Elections Office at the Civic Centre on (01429) 523088 or e-mail elections@hartlepool.gov.uk

• We will bring you up-to-minute news leading up to the count, results and post-vote reaction via our website www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk.

Readers will be able to watch videos from the count, comment themselves on results and follow Twitter feeds from our reporters on the ground.

If you want to feel part of election night in Hartlepool, there is no better place to follow it than via www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk.

Also, people can involved with our live Twitter coverage using #hpoolelections

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FULL LIST OF CANDIDATES – Click on their names for individual messages and the ward title for issues affecting that area:


Alec Gough (PHF); John Lauderdale (Ind); Ray Pocklington (Con); Carolyn Stubbings (UKIP); Ken Thompson (Lab).


Jo Banks (PHF); Jean McKenna (Con); Michelle Plant (Lib Dem); Stephen Thomas (Lab); Ronnie Whitlock (UKIP).


Alan Clark (Lab); Alison Lilley (PHF); Dennis Loynes (Con); Dave Pascoe (UKIP); Pat Rayner (Lib Dem).


Phil Fenn (UKIP); Lynn Gillam (Lib Dem); Andrew Martin-Wells (Con); Maaija Sinclair (PHF); Kaylee Sirs (Lab).


Robert Addison (UKIP); Sandra Belcher (Lab); Keith Fisher (Ind); Shane Moore (Con); David Riddle (PHF).


Chris Broadbent (Con); Peter Jackson (Lab); Steve Latimer (PHF); Jim Tighe (Lib Dem).


Chris McKenna (Con); Richard Pearson (PHF); Linda Shields (Lab); George Springer (UKIP).


Peter Davis (UKIP); Marjorie James (Lab); Mandy Loynes (Con).


Martin Dunbar (Lab); Kate Erskine (PHF); Brenda Loynes (Con); Eric Wilson (UKIP).


Tom Hind (UKIP); Sue Little (Ind); Graeme Measor (PHF); Shay Miah (Lab); Jayne Wells (Con).


Carl Richardson (Lab); John Riddle (PHF); Diana Wanduragala (Lib Dem); Helen Wells (Con)