Electoral register plea to voters

HARTLEPOOL residents are being urged to return their electoral registration forms as soon as possible to enable them to vote in future elections.

More than 42,000 registration forms were delivered to all homes at the beginning of July, but so far around half of households have failed to register.

By law, the council must now try to make personal contact with each household that has not registered.

Peter Devlin, electoral registration officer for Hartlepool Borough Council, said: “Canvassers are now starting to visit households that haven’t registered so we would appreciate it if people could complete the form as soon as possible.

“Although the register is compiled for election purposes, householders should remember that failure to register could have wider implications for them.

“For example, the register is also used by other organisations such as banks, building societies and mobile telephone companies, and by not registering people may affect their chances of obtaining credit.”

For general advice and information about electoral registration, call the council’s Election Office Hotline on (01429) 523088.