Energy prices ‘causing poverty’

EASINGTON MP Grahame Morris has written to an energy regulator calling for an investigation into rising gas and electricity prices.

Mr Morris has written to Ofgem calling for the ‘Big Six’ energy providers to be referred to the Competition Commission.

It comes after British Gas announced price hikes of 18 per cent and 16 per cent, despite an increase of seven per cent last year.

Mr Morris said with other energy providers expected to follow suit, it amounted to “cartel-like behaviour to the detriment of the public”.

In his letter, Mr Morris wrote: “As many pensioners are on fixed incomes and will be most affected by price rises, the latest price increase for gas and electricity will push some of the poorest people in society further into poverty.”

He adds: “A full investigation is required to protect the public, promote competition and stop the cartel-like behaviour which results in ever-higher energy costs for UK households.”