Engineers sent to fix traffic lights which failed on A689 in Hartlepool

The Traffic lights at the A689 Greatham Village junction.
The Traffic lights at the A689 Greatham Village junction.

DRIVERS were left facing traffic chaos earlier today after a set of lights on the entrance and exit to Hartlepool failed.

The two-way traffic lights at Sappers Corner, Greatham, in Hartlepool, went down during the night, and left motorists facing delays today – Wednesday, October 15.

Traffic was moving freely east and west-bound along the A689, but those trying to enter and exit Greatham Village had to wait for a break in the flow before being able to cross and gain access to the carriageway.

The lights failed at some point during the night, and engineers from Hartlepool Borough Council’s Highways Department were sent to the scene to rectify the problem.

A spokesman for the council said: “Three engineers were on site this morning and had been working through the night trying to fix the problem.”

He said the workmen declared the lights in full working order by 10am after spending some time monitoring them.