Enraged husband hit out after comments about his wife

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AN enraged husband attacked two revellers after one of them made an offensive comment about his wife.

Darren Hutchinson lashed out after the suggestive comment was directed at his wife in Hartlepool’s Church Street following a night out.

Teesside Crown Court heard how Hutchinson, whose wife had been ill, ran after the group responsible containing Paul Failes and Stuart McKenzie.

He punched Mr McKenzie twice believing he was responsible before Mr Failes said it was him and he tried to shake hands.

But Hutchinson, 45, punched him hard to the 
jaw knocking him unconscious.

Prosecutor Rachel Masters said: “The defendant punched Mr Failes at very close range to his jaw.

“A witness described how the punch lifted Mr Failes off his feet and knocked him to the ground unconscious.”

The violence which happened at around 1.30am on December 1 was captured on CCTV and police quickly 
arrived and arrested Hutchinson who remained 

Mr Failes went to hospital the next day after he woke up with a very swollen jaw and a cut to his lip which was said to have required an operation.

The court heard he still feels nervous about going out and said his confidence had been dented by the attack.

Hutchinson, a dad of four, had been to a charity masquerade ball with his wife and friends before the incident took place.

Jim Withyman, mitigating, said: “This wasn’t a man out with a group of lads looking for trouble.

“He had a pleasant evening and was walking through town with his wife when 
an offensive remark was made.

“It greatly upset her and he overreacted.

“He is very sorry for what he did.”

Hutchinson, of Queensway, Greatham, pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm and common assault.

He was given six months prison which was suspended for two years and 200 hours unpaid work.

Judge John Walford said: “Two people were involved in your violence. This was in the street late at night when you had too much to drink.”

But he added: “Against that background of a highly offensive and upsetting remark and your wife’s delicate state of health, in a few short moments of madness you reacted.

“Mercifully in the circumstances the injuries were not as serious as they might have been.”