Dog mess is causing a stink in Hartlepool park

DOG MESS CALL: Graeme Measor at the gate into Seaton Park
DOG MESS CALL: Graeme Measor at the gate into Seaton Park

A PARK supporter is calling for dog owners to clean up their pets’ mess after receiving reports that children cannot play on the grass because it is littered with dirt.

Graeme Measor, from the Friends of Seaton Park group, has been told that youngsters and their parents have had to find alternative open space to play ball games due to the amount of dog dirt dotted about the grass in Seaton Park, off Station Lane. One problem area pointed out to Graeme is the large grassy area to the right of the playground.

Today Graeme called for the dirty and lazy habit to stop and urged pet owners to take responsibility and clean up after their canines keeping the park clean and safe for other users of it.

He said: “It’s unacceptable that dog owners to not pick their dogs mess up.

“I’ve noticed a lot when I walk through the park to take my children to school. If people can’t play football on the grass because it’s covered in dog dirt, well it’s just not on.

“I’d really urge people to pick it up. It’s anti-social, it’s no longer socially acceptable. Years ago people used to leave it lying on the ground and it was an annoyance then, but in this day and age people are more aware of the dangers of dog muck. It can make people go blind. It’s irresponsible.

“We have dog dirt bins in the park, there are plenty for people to pick it up and put it in and keep the park clean for everyone who uses it.”

He added: “I hope this story increases awareness around dog mess and just remind dog owners that it’s their responsibility to pick it up.”