Hartlepool people have their say on what should happen to site of seaside eyesore

The Longscar Centre at Seaton Carew has been empty for several years.
The Longscar Centre at Seaton Carew has been empty for several years.

Readers have had their say on what should be done with the derelict Longscar Centre in Seaton Carew.

Councillors have agreed to use compulsory purchase powers to force the sale of the eyesore building.

Hartlepool Borough Council says the clearance of the building is a key part of its plans to regenerate Seaton Carew.

Members of the authority’s Finance and Policy Committee approved the compulsory purchase order (CPO) for the site after all efforts to buy it by agreement have failed. The building has stood empty for a number of years. The council says it occupies a prominent position on The Front overlooking the sea and its demolition is a key element of the Seaton Carew Masterplan blueprint for the regeneration of the popular seaside resort.

On our website, Deker said: “Why not make a couple of snack & drink places (no alcohol). There’s very little to actually do in Seaton in the winter months, but then knowing HBC they’ll sell it for landfill.”

Briteone commented: “The sea front needs to made somewhere that people want to go. Why not make the building a nice row of restaurants with outdoor seating/heated areas? Right now, Seaton’s good for a walk and an ice cream, that’s about all.”

Catnap stated: “We need a car park for the summer.”

Bicnic said: “Don’t we already have an indoor swimming pool? People come to Seaton in the summer to visit the beach and paddling pool, during the winter months it’s like a ghost town. I would like to see something on par with the Roker lights.”

Voice of the Rifty said: “Its about time something was done about that eyesore.”

Paul Bearer wrote: “Something on the scale of Splash at Stockton would fit perfectly with a transparent slide going outside to view the sea and sands. We don’t need anymore eateries or fashion shops. Come on people of Hartlepool bombard the council with your ideas, before we get stuck with yet another white elephant that eventually becomes an eyesore. Seaton Carew is growing build something for the family’s already there and to attract families to the area.”