Hartlepool residents issue call for clearer recycling labels on food and drink packaging

The majority of Mail readers say that clearer recycling labels on food and drink packaging would encourage them to recycle more.

Friday, 29th January 2021, 9:52 am
We asked readers if clearer recycling labels would encourage them to recycle more.

It comes after the Local Government Association’s call for clearer labelling on all products to help councils boost recycling rates and tackle a growing environmental crisis.

The LGA also states that increased charges for hard to recycle products and measures to force producers to pay the full cost of disposing of their waste will help to tackle the problem.

The Government says that it is working towards making it easier for people and organisations to recycle more.

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Such actions include working to improve the quality of recycling collected from homes and businesses and creating a stronger market for recycled materials.

We asked in our recent online poll: Would clearer labelling on food and drink packaging encourage you to recycle more?

More than 100 readers responded and 71% said yes, better labels would help them to recycle more.

While 29% said no, that new labels wouldn't encourage them to recycle any more than they did already.

Here is what you had to say on the issue:

Keiron Tate commented: “Yes, as it's very difficult with plastics knowing which can be recycled without having to Google what the labels mean.”

Cathy Ball said: “Why would people not recycle what can be recycled?”

Michael Antropik wrote: “Don't be lazy, do your bit, recycle – every little helps.”