Hartlepool wind farm plans provoke mixed reaction from Mail readers

A visualisation purports to show how the three wind turbines would look when viewed from Seaton Carew Sports Club.
A visualisation purports to show how the three wind turbines would look when viewed from Seaton Carew Sports Club.

Plans to create a new onshore wind farm in Hartlepool have prompted mixed views among Mail readers.

The Mail reported how Seneca Global Energy in the town is preparing to submit planning applications to council chiefs before the end of the month for three turbines with a maximum height of 99 metres (325ft).

Two are proposed to be sited on land west of Brenda Road south of Tata steel, and a single turbine on the Tofts Farm Industrial Estate, to the north of Tofts Road West.

Seaton Councillor James Black has warned of opposition if concerns around noise, health and their appearance are not addressed by the applicant.

There were mixed views from people to the news on the Mail’s social media channels.

On Facebook Anne Young wrote: “With everything else around I don’t see how they will be visually a problem.”

Katherine Yarrow said: “I’m all for them. Clean, renewable energy. No fossil fuels making greenhouse gases, or nuclear making waste and radioactivity.”

Also on the Mail’s Facebook page Marky Hewitt wrote: “If they have to be anywhere, keep them away from homes.

“What difference would a couple more out at sea make?”

He added: “Personally I disagree with the turbines being near homes and question HBCs decision and motivation to place landfill, refuse handling etc all around Seaton Carew as well.”

Mick Sawdon said: “Who would buy a house expecting a certain view to then be told there’s a wind farm happening its the same as the houses on warrior drive buying new builds to then have a landfill extended.”

On Twitter Rob Harrison said: “I’m personally fine with the idea (easy to say as also completely unaffected over here in Foggy Furze) but why put them onshore when we’re a coastal town?”

But PamTR said: “Way too close to residential properties, but it’ll be two fingers up to residents. 5yrs we’ve been fighting these & they know they will wear people down eventually.”

The land proposed for the wind farm was earmarked for up to four wind turbines at a maximum 99m height in Hartlepool Borough Council’s new Local Plan which was adopted last year.

But concerns about their location have been expressed by the Seaton Carew Wind Turbine Action Association.