Historic Hartlepool fountain is back in action

The fountain at Ward Jackson Park. Pic: Joanne Shaw.
The fountain at Ward Jackson Park. Pic: Joanne Shaw.

People are being urged to enjoy a historical landmark after repairs to the fountain at Ward Jackson Park.

The fountain in the Hartlepool park is operating again following a project to overhaul the filtration system.

It was switched off following problems with debris and algae in the water blocking the pipes and sprinklers so a new filtration system is now being used and the fountain, created in 1902, is operating six times a day.

Fran Johnson, vice-chairman of the Friends of Ward Jackson Park Committee and chairman of Park Residents’ Association, said: “We are pleased the fountain is fully operational. The council’s duilding design and constructionsection have been superb in finding a workable solution to overcome the problem.

“We’re hoping it will run smoothly so that we can enjoy the fountain for many years to come.”

Councillor Allan Barclay, vice-chairman of the council’s Neighbourhood Services Policy Committee, said: “The fountain uses water from the nearby lake and unfortunately, despite a filter being in place, algae and small amounts of debris from the lake were still getting into the pump system and blocking some of the fountain nozzles.

“We have now installed a new specialist pump which filters this out and we share the Friends’ delight that this much-loved Victorian feature of the park is back in operation for everyone to enjoy.”

Times of displays are 9am-10am, 11am-noon, 1pm-2pm, 3pm-4pm, 5pm-6pm and 7pm-8pm.

People can report any problems that you may see with the fountain by telephoning 0754 2200175.