Readers react to plans for fourth huge wind turbine in Hartlepool

The site for the proposed new turbine.
The site for the proposed new turbine.

News of plans for a fourth huge wind turbine in the south of Hartlepool prompted reaction from readers.

Several comments were posted on our website after we reported how preparatory talks are taking place between a developer and Hartlepool Borough Council over a possible 425 feet turbine at Teesbay Business Park, off Brenda Road.

It would be the fourth turbine in the area after the council granted permission to another company for three bigger turbines nearby in February.

Mail website reader Serf said: “Hartlepool is it’s own worst enemy. The wind turbines won’t bring prosperity, jobs or any pluses to the lives of residents.

“We have already taken our share of energy generation blots on the landscape.

“We have the nuclear power station, and the new biomass power station further up the road.

“People of Hartlepool want a hospital, not turbines, not gypsies, not massive piles of refuse, not a loss of countryside to new housing estates. So lets see a town plan that represents that. NOW.”

And a.activist commented: “Some tourist attraction Seaton is going to be, or was. Oh by the way I’m all for renewables but this stinks, just like the toxic dumps!!!”

Fred C said: “The word that Hartlepool is an easy touch for any & every planning application has obviously got around.

“This is yet another example of the half baked planning situation in Hartlepool, brought about by The LabTor Mob doing away with the town plan.”

Another website user, heugher said: “The only thing to say is thank all of the people of HARTLEPOOL who voted LABOUR. This is what you voted in.”

Stratus Environmental Limited, acting for the developer, has asked the council if an Environmental Impact Assessment would be needed as part of a planning application.

So far no application for the turbine has been lodged with the council.