'There's more dog dirt than grass' - where you say the worst places for dog fouling are in Hartlepool

Dog dirt
Dog dirt

Mail readers have been having their say on one of the more 'disgusting' problems in Hartlepool.

We reported earlier this week how Hartlepool Borough Council was launching a new campaign to clampdown on irresponsible dog owners who fail to pick up after their pets.

Scores of you commented on our Facebook page bemoaning the problem, slating those who didn't pick up, and listing where you felt the worst areas were for the problem.

The Town Moor, the stretch between Hartlepool Marina and Seaton Carew, Masefield Road, Sitwell Walk and Friarage Field were among some of the places Mail readers said were dog dirt hotspots where there should be a crackdown.

Neil Et Hayley Griffiths said: "There's no excuse for anyone not to, if I can clean up after my Guide Dog there’s no reason for sighted people not to."

Kelly Louise Fisher said: "It takes two mins to pick it up. I have two dogs and wouldn't dare just leave it. It's disgusting every were ya go if you don't like picking it up don't own a dog."

Jill Johnston said: "Masefield Road is disgusting. I've been reporting it to council for past four months."

Billy Bastow said: "If the dog owners take the time to pick up the dog mess, they will not be targeted.

"The worst places are the Town Moor and the Friarage field on the Headland."

He added: "You are getting people pulling up in cars who do not live there letting there dogs of the lead doing there business, and then just getting back in the car and driving off. If there is a full time job for dog wardens, I would it."

Diane Hillock said: "The last thing i do before I leave the house is make sure I am laden with poop bags and a bit of kitchen roll for those not so solid poops."

"It takes two seconds to pick up a lump off poop so there's no excuse - it's just dorty s**s who don't care spoiling it for every one else as usual."

Paula Lowther said: "It's the same down at the Marina beside the basin along to Seaton on the front. Some people have no intention to pick up after them they are ruining a lovely area."

Gillian Willey said: "I hope they are coming up Rossmere and the fields behind the goldmine, there’s more dog dirt than grass!"

Aly McLean said: "They need to come Sinclair Road into Pinero Grove. Disgusting."

Gemma Marshall said: "It's everywhere and Sitwell Walk, the path that goes the side of Brierton Field, is disgusting, and then the council little cleaning van goes along and just smears it all about more."

Betty Bell said: "I've been reduced to picking up other people's dog poo and it's a bit like changing another person's baby's nappy - you think it's fine because you're used to doing it yourself, but when it's someone else's urrrghh."

However, there were some who felt there were more important issues the council should be dealing with.

James Barker said: "People visiting foodbanks, Bedroom Tax, council services cut, council tax support cut to the vulnerable - and the most important thing some councillors think is the most important is dog poo."