Event for community groups to find out how to access much-needed cash

Peter Gowland of HVDA.
Peter Gowland of HVDA.

COMMUNITY group members are being urged to attend a short event later this week to find out how to access pots of much-needed cash.

Peter Gowland, from Hartlepool Voluntary Development Association, has organised a meeting for voluntary organisations from the town to meet on Thursday for an informative meet-up.

The event will take place at the Belle Vue Community Sports and Youth Centre, in Kendal Road, on Thursday, April 3, at 10am.

He said the meeting will take up to a maximum of an hour but in that time volunteers and representatives of community groups will be able to obtain a wealth of information about how to access pots of money that are available to them.

The chat will tell groups about the ward councillors budgets of around £5,000 which can be applied for, and also the Hartlepool Borough Council-run Hartlepool Civic Lottery.

There will also be information given on obtaining funds from the Community Activities Network.

Peter said: “This is a short and informal chat over a cup of tea for members of community and voluntary groups to access pots of cash in the town.

“It’s even more important that people know what they can get from ward councillors, from the Hartlepool Civic Lottery and from the Community Activities Network.

“This meeting is particularly important for the future and sustainability of groups because a lot of the other community chests have disappeared.

“No matter how big or small your group is you can come along.

“There is no need to book just turn up.

“We deliberately keep it informal and short because we don’t want people to be turned off.”

As well as a brief talk from Peter, council worker Adelle Wilson will also be there to pass on vital facts.

For further details ring Peter on (01429) 262641.