Everyone has equal rights of access to Hartlepool promenade

Hartlepool council's sustainable travel officer Tony Davison
Hartlepool council's sustainable travel officer Tony Davison

A promenade in Hartlepool is there for everyone’s use, council chiefs have said.

Cyclists, joggers and walkers in Hartlepool are being urged to respect each other’s right to use the promenade which stretches between the marina and Seaton Carew.

The popular stretch is officially designated as a “shared route” and that means that everyone enjoys equal rights of access.

Tony Davison, who is the Hartlepool Council Sustainable Travel Officer, said: “We are contacted from time to time by people who ask us to consider creating a dedicated cycle lane to prevent cyclists and pedestrians coming into conflict with each other on the promenade.

“We have looked into the matter but we think that maintaining the promenade’s status as a shared route is the best way forward.”

Tony added: “Even if a dedicated cycle lane was created, pedestrians would still have to cross it to reach the beach on one side of the promenade or the grassed area on the other. It is also likely that the creation of such a lane would encourage cyclists to ride faster.

“We believe that it is possible for everyone to safely share the promenade, which is part of Route 14 of the National Cycle Network, by simply showing a bit of respect and understanding for each other’s interests.”

Tony is keen to promote alternative forms of travel to the car as part of the Hartlepool Active Travel Hub scheme. The scheme is led by Hartlepool Council and it is being funded through the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.