Ex-nurse is now psychic medium

Debra Chalmers, who gave up her �50,000 NHS job to become a psychic medium
Debra Chalmers, who gave up her �50,000 NHS job to become a psychic medium

A FORMER nurse who quit her £50,000-a-year job in NHS management to become a full-time psychic medium is bringing her spirit show to Hartlepool.

Debra Chalmers, 37, worked for the NHS for 13 years and was based in Peterlee from 2005 to 2009.

She rose to the ranks of managing sexual health services, but first realised she had a gift of communicating with spirits when she was a toddler.

Throughout her teenage years she was so frightened by her abilities that she would often hide under a pillow and scream at the spirits to go away.

It was only during her nursing training that Debra, a married mum-of-two, began to see her gift as a blessing rather than a curse.

Soon after starting her first full-time nursing role in 1999 she remembers seeing ghosts roaming the halls of the hospital – a fact she kept to herself to avoid upsetting patients and colleagues. Debra even kept quiet when she saw the spirits of deceased loved ones gathering around those who were dying or in pain and made just one exception during her career to tell an old woman who had no other visitors that her son, who Debra had cared for before he died from cancer, was sitting with her.

Shortly after being promoted to a highly-paid management job in 2006, Debra visited a psychic medium and experienced what she calls a “sham reading”.

In a bid to prove that not all mediums are fakes Debra spent the following year offering readings for free or in exchange for a small donation and left the NHS in 2011 to pursue this full-time.

She now says she has “no regrets” and finds herself in high demand for both public shows and private consultations, many of which are still given free to those most in need. Debra, from Spennymoor, said: “I was at the cutting edge of the NHS, but I had a lightbulb moment where the spirit world set things up for me to realise I needed to start using my gift.

“I’ve gone from something scientific to something that can’t be proved.

“Things are going amazingly well – last year my year was full, with bookings almost a year in advance and I was seeing five or six people a day.”

Now, to satisfy overwhelming demand for private readings, she is set to host a series of public performances across the region during March.

As part of the North-East leg of a nationwide tour, Debra will bring her psychic show, Seeing is Believing, which she describes as a “doorway to the spirit world”, to the Grand Hotel, in Swainson Street, Hartlepool, on Thursday, March 7, from 6.45pm.

Tickets are £10 and available from www.debrachalmers.com, by calling 07557 351717 or on the door, subject to availability.