Exotic birds found dead

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A MUM and her son were left devastated after four of their prized birds were found dead the morning after the bomb went off.

Dale Iddison, 21, who lives in Shields Terrace, Hartlepool was the proud owner of 15 exotic birds which he keeps in an aviary in his garden.

But Dale and his mum Shirley, 52, who are both unemployed, couldn’t believe it when they woke up on Wednesday morning to find four of their finches laid flat on the ground dead.

Dale said he thinks the death is definitely linked with the huge explosion which went off in the early hours of the morning.

He believes there is a chance the chemicals released from the bomb, which killed 58-year old David Bagley, blew towards their nearby house and killed the birds.

He told the Mail: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw what had happened.

“My mum found the birds on Wednesday morning and shouted me straight away and told me what had happened.

“I don’t know whether they have been killed from the chemicals or by the shock of the huge bang but it is definitely related to the explosion.

“We think it must be a chemical thing.

“Luckily our other birds seem fine and I haven’t seen any ill-effects but I’m going to keep a close eye on them.”

Dale recalled the moment when he was awoken by his barking dogs when the explosion went off in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

He said: “The explosion itself didn’t wake me up but the dogs barking did.

“I got up and looked outside and could just see the helicopters flying above, I couldn’t believe it when I found out what had happened. It’s terrible.”