Expert trying to make stray horses around Hartlepool a thing of the past

Julie Richards and daughter Amy Currell at Southbrooke Farm
Julie Richards and daughter Amy Currell at Southbrooke Farm

A EQUESTRIAN expert is offering owners of horses the chance to have their animals made secure to help reduce the problem of stray animals.

Julie Richards works at Hartlepool’s Southbrooke Farm, and is regularly asked for her help when stray horses get loose and cause problems.

Julie Richards at Southbrooke Farm

Julie Richards at Southbrooke Farm

There have been several incidents in recent months where horses have broke free from where they are tethered, causing risks to bothe animals and traffic or passers by.

In an attempt to cut down on the number of incidents where horses cannot be reunited with their owners, Julie has teamed up with the British Horse Society to offer a microchipping service.

Julie, who runs the Trot ‘n Pop showjumping group, said: “Over the years I have rescued a few horses and had them rehomed when we cannot trace their rightful owners.

“This is a problem, and the authorities are trying to cut down on it.

“When these horses break free, it is often the case that the owners cannot be found.

“By having the horses microchipped, and also issued with a passport and gelded, the idea is that the problem will be reduced.

“We have a day set up later this month where the British Horse Society and vets will be up here, and the horses will be microchipped in the same way that dogs are. It is a legal requirement to have horses issued with passports now as well to reduce the risk of them being wrongly sold.”

So far, around 35 owners have told Julie they plan to bring their horses to the farm later this month, and similar events could be arranged in the future.Julie added: “It’s not just about horses which are tethered in fields, this is something which all owners need to do.

“I’m pleased with the response we have had so far, and hopefully we can get to the stage where every horses is properly chipped so they can be reunited should they break loose.”

To find out more about the scheme, call Julie on 07511187573.