Extra officers tackle young boozers

OFFICERS from Peterlee had to be drafted in to help their Durham City counterparts deal with a youth disco that got out of hand.

Police say one recent drink-fuelled event held in the North Road area of the city, which was advertised for the over-16s, attracted people as young as 13.

There was evidence of sexual behaviour and scores of youngsters had been drinking before the event, known as “pre-loading”.

Inspector Paul Anderson said the venue only has a capacity for 800, but organisers sold tickets for 1,200, creating additional problems of drunken teenagers in the city centre on a Friday night.

The problems caused by hundreds of young people on the streets, demanding entry to the event, led to police reinforcements being called in from Peterlee.

Insp Anderson said: “Several partygoers had to be taken home by their parents, including one girl who had vomited on the street while waiting in the queue.

“Another, aged 16, had consumed half a litre of vodka before getting to Durham.

“Some of the kids could hardly stand up and inside the premises we found evidence of sexual behaviour as well, including used condoms.”