Eyes wide open

CHARITY volunteers are set to stay awake for an entire weekend in a bid to boost its coffers.

Ian McManus, Peter Davies and Andy Sharpe will be taking part in a fundraising Wake-A-Thon for Red Dreams, a creative charity that helps talented youngsters explore various arts.

They will perform various tasks including doing band recordings, interviews and live sketches at the charity’s unit in Whitby Street South, Hartlepool.

Their tiring ordeal will be filmed and streamed on the internet with viewers also getting sponsored to stay awake and take part online by sending messages.

Ian set up the charity with his wife Dawn after their 16-year-old son Kyle died suddenly of a brain haemorrhage in 2007.

They recently won the Mail’s Pride in Hartlepool Local Hero award for their tireless efforts in memory of their talented son.

Dawn, 40, said: “They had seen Chris Moyles doing a similar thing on BBC Radio One for Comic Relief.

“There was a conversation and the idea to do this came out of it.

“It’s bound to be a lot of fun and will be interactive, so people can text in to make them do things.

“They are still trying to come up with ideas and are open to any suggestions.

“Hopefully it will raise a bit of cash because funding is getting harder and harder to come by.

“We’ve also got people being sponsored to stay awake and follow it online.”

Ian, 41, Peter, 19, and Andy, 20, will start their challenge at 9am on Saturday, April 2, and carry on through to 9am the following Monday.

To get involved ring Dawn on 07851907691 or email enquiries@reddreams.org.uk.

Visit www.justin.tv/reddreamslivetv to see the action over the weekend that will be streamed from a fixed camera.

To sponsor the trio’s efforts click on the web version of this story.