Fairtrade fortnight’s designs on labels

CAMPAIGNERS are aiming to help farmers in Third World countries through a string of initiatives.

The Hartlepool Fairtrade Steering Committee is staging the events during national Fairtrade Fortnight, which this year has the theme of ‘Show Your Label’, with a special emphasis on cotton products.

It will see campaigners from the town take part in an attempt to top the world record of creating 308,000 individual bunting flags stretching 40 miles on March 17.

School children will also be involved producing artwork primarily from Fairtrade labels that wioll be on display in Hartlepool Art Gallery until the beginning of April.

A Fairtrade stall will also be set up in Middleton Grange Shopping Centre today and tomorrow, with pupils from Catcote School selling cookies they have made using Fairtrade ingredients in the shopping centre on Friday morning.

On Saturday, from 10am to noon, a Big Brew Coffee Morning is being held at St George’s Church, on the corner York Road and Park Road.