Fairy jobmother's plea to town employers

AN innovative television programme which helps the jobless back into work is appealing to employers for help as it gets set to start filming in Hartlepool.

The Fairy Jobmother is a prime-time Channel 4 programme which sees job expert Hayley Taylor work her magic to try and help people off benefits and into employment.

The programme opted for Hartlepool after figures last month revealed that more than 4,000 people are claiming jobseeker's allowance in the town.

The popular TV programme, which is starting the filming of its second series, is hoping that it can help some of those people back into work.

And bosses have asked businesses in Hartlepool to let them know of any jobs which may be available in the coming months.

Victoria Ray, producer of the Fairy Jobmother, said: "It is a real challenge, given the employment figures for the area and the amount of jobseekers on the look-out.

"But there are some jobs out there and it would be great if local employers could help us out and let us know of any vacancies they have.

"We aren't looking for any special treatment, for jobs to be created for us or anything like that, but just to help put us in the know about the Hartlepool job scene."

Victoria added: "This could be a great opportunity for local businesses to fill their vacancies with candidates prepped within an inch of their lives by Hayley Taylor, as well as getting some great publicity and doing something good for the community.

"The application process for the candidate going for the job would be the same as anyone else.

"Hayley will make sure that people are suitable for the job they are applying for and that they are job ready."

Filming for the show could start as early as next month, so those interested are urged to get in touch as soon as possible.

For more information, or to register, call 07921 609492 or email: jobmother@studiolambert.com