Family devastated by Jason’s death

Family man Jason Dineen with his sons Kieran (left) and Daniel.
Family man Jason Dineen with his sons Kieran (left) and Daniel.

A WELL-KNOWN boxing family has been left devastated after the shock death of the eldest brother from a heart attack aged just 42.

Jason Dineen suffered the fatal seizure while in Morroco, North Africa, where he had been working for a car parts firm.

His wife-of-five-years, Diana, 31, had desperately tried to revive him using CPR until paramedics arrived.

But the dad-of-two was pronounced dead in the couple’s flat in the capital city of Rabat when medics reached the scene.

Jason’s death has been described as a “massive blow to the community” as he was heavily involved in the running of Horden ABC, alongside his brother, Liam, 40, and also did his best for the villages of Horden and Wingate, where he lived.

His brother John, 41, said: “A heart attack is the last thing we could have possibly thought of, it’s an absolute shock.”

Property developer John said the news had deeply affected him and his twin brother, Brian, who works for Headland Futures in Hartlepool, and Liam and their dad John senior, 66, as well as Diana, Jason’s sons from previous marriages, Kieran, 17, and 10-year-old Daniel and the rest of the family.

Jason, described by Liam as “the brains of the family”, worked for SEWS Europe, in Houghton-le-Spring, rising through the ranks to operations manager over 18 years and had travelled all over the world with his job.

He was part of a company “task force” and had been in Morroco since January setting up a branch and training the workforce.

Jason died on October 9, the day after he complained of feeling ill and being given Gaviscon.

He woke up at 2am still feeling ill and assuming it was heartburn.

But the Sunderland FC fan collapsed while getting ready for work at 6am.

Diana tried to revive him, but her efforts were in vain.

His family in East Durham received a phone call shortly afterwards.

John, who thanked everyone for their support, including Jason’s employers, said: “Everyone is absolutely devastated, I think it’s because he was so young and it was so unexpected.

“My father is absolutely heartbroken, I have never seen him like this before.”

Diana, who Jason met while working in Romania seven years ago, said through John’s wife Maria: “He was proud and happy to be in Morroco and we were very much in love.”

Although Jason did not box for Horden ABC competitively, he had trained there, having boxed while serving with the Army as a younger man, and was also the club’s chairman and treasurer and helped to organise shows.

Dad-of-two John added that his “practical joker” brother had helped to transform Horden ABC, saying: “He was a great believer, like all of our family, in putting something back into the community.

“He was a doting dad and fantastic uncle and loved having kids around him.

“He had a massive passion for the young’uns enjoying themselves and he raised enough money for a van for the club so the lads didn’t need to rely on cars to get to venues.”

Younger brother Liam said: “It’s a massive blow to the community.

“He was my big brother and always told me what to do, he will be a big miss.”

Jason’s funeral was due to take place yesterday at St Mary’s Church, Horden.