Family’s relief as Hartlepool adventurer survives Everest earthquake

Ellis Stewart on Mount Everest.
Ellis Stewart on Mount Everest.

A HARTLEPOOL adventurer who was hit by an icefall while on the world’s highest summit has survived a deadly earthquake which has killed 2,000 people so far.

Ellis Stewart, 41, was on Mount Everest when the earthquake ,with a magnitude of 7.9, hit Nepal on Saturday morning.

A message on the dad-of-three’s Facebook page said that he was above the ice when the avalanche happened.

It’s understood the falling ice and snow has killed at least 17, injured 61 and left an unknown number of climbers and guides unaccounted for on other routes

The Facebook post read: “Before it hits the news and everyone starts to worry, there’s been a big avalanche on Everest caused by an earthquake in Nepal. Awaiting news on everyone else on the mountain, let’s hope and pray they are all ok also.

“Ellis was above the icefall at the time and was hit but he and his team are ok - one of his team has a sat phone and got the news to us.”

Yesterday Ellis’ wife Tamara also took to the social networking site to share the latest information about her husband.

Her message read: “He has called and is safe at camp one, waiting for evacuation by helicopter tomorrow morning.”

This is the second time Ellis has tried to reach the top of the mountain.

His hopes were dashed last year just days before he was due to start his final ascent when another avalanche struck, this time claiming the lives of 16 Sherpa guides.