Fans galore are rooting for the Ruffs

Ruff Diamond on TV
Ruff Diamond on TV
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GOOD luck messages by the score are winging their way to Hartlepool dance crew Ruff Diamond as they bid for glory.

Social media sites have gone crazy as all of Hartlepool gets behind the lads. On Twitter, tweets for the six-strong dance crew have flooded in all week.

One from Hartlepool Sixth Form College said: “Good luck to Ruff Diamond from all the staff and students at Hartlepool Sixth Form College.”

Another post came from Ords Printers in Hartlepool, saying: “Everyone at Ords wishes Ruff Diamond good luck for the weekend and is sure the town and region will give all their support.”

The UK Hip Hop championship Twitter address posted: “This Sunday will be amazing! IMD and Ruff Diamond. One of them will be winners I can feel it.”

And a Twitter fan called shan louise ‏tweeted: “actually really want ruff diamond to win!!”

The crew themselves also had a message for their supporters. They said: “currently been on our feet for 15 hours and counting, you get out what you put in!”

On Facebook, messages read: COME ON BOYS make hartlepool proud your almost there, your so close hartlepool will be voteing for you”

Another said: “You guys are UNREAL!! You’ll smash the finals! GO RUFF DIAMONDSSSSS.”

Closer to home, the excitement is also mounting for the families of the crew. Dee Cope, 50, is the mum of Lewis Cope and said: “I think I have only seen him for about half an hour since he came home from the semi-final. They have all worked so hard. They are aching all over.”