Fantastic gymnasts on display

St Hilds school gymnastics team.
St Hilds school gymnastics team.

TALENTED young gymnasts leaped, bounded and somersaulted into action in a town-wide competition.

Around 100 youngsters showed off their impressive skills during the Hartlepool School Gymnastics Competition.

The event held at Manor College of Technology, Manor Way, Hartlepool, involved the best gymnasts from St Hild’s, English Martyrs, Dyke House and Manor secondary schools.

They demonstrated their best moves in floor routine and vault exercises in front of an panel of top judges from British Gymnasts.

The youngsters, aged between 11-16, competed in one of three categories for beginners, intermediate and advanced level.

Ailsa Pitt, head of girls PE at Manor, said: “The standard was really high and the skill level was quite close between all the schools.

“All schools have gymnastics in the curriculum.”

Manor College was named overall winning school.