Farewell to Mina, 105

A FAMILY have paid tribute to a "happy, bubbly and positive" great-great grandmother after she died aged 105.

Mina Lawson, nee Waddington, sadly passed away at Fieldview Care Home, in Blackhall Colliery, earlier this month.

The sudden death came as a complete shock to her family and her daughter-in-law Carole Lawson said Mina was an incredible lady who will be sorely missed.

"Mina was such a lovely person, she would do anything for anyone and it was such a pleasure to spend time with her." said Carole, 65, of Second Street, Blackhall.

"Throughout her life she was happy, and looked at the positive aspects of absolutely everything, that was definitely one of the reasons she lived such a long life."

"She was such a lovely grandmother, I remember taking her grandchildren along to see her and she would sit them on her lap and laugh and joke with them."

A grandmother-of-seven, Mina was born in Hartlepool and spent her early years living in Bangor Street with her dad, who was a sea captain, and mum, who worked as a seamstress, as well as her sister Milly, and two brothers George and Laurie.

She left the town for a few years when she moved to Hull, and she was there during the bombardment of Hartlepool in the First World War.

Mina moved back to Hartlepool in her 20s to look after her uncle and she worked at a munitions factory in Newton Aycliffe during the Second World War.

She found love in her early 50s when she met her husband, George Lawson, a miner from Blackhall, but he passed away more than 30 years ago.

After living on her own in Blackhall, Mina was moved into Glendale House care home, but was forced to move to Fieldview after the home controversially closed at the end of last year.

During her time at Glendale, she struck up a close friendship with fellow resident Emma Brown, also 105, but she sadly died in October last year.

Carole said: "She had settled into her new home very well.

"She had a lovely Christmas and as ever was very happy.

"I spent a lot of time with her, so her death has obviously came as a shock and it won't be the same not having her around.

"She has had such an impact on so many people's lives and will always be remembered.

Carole added: "The only thing she ever asked for when she was in the home was to go out and see Hartlepool, she loved the town.

"She had a happy life and had many great memories."

Mina's funeral took place at Stranton Crematorium yesterday.