Fears new waste charges will increase fly-tipping in Hartlepool

Plans to introduce charges for using the council tip have been met with an angry backlash amid fears they will lead to an increase in fly-tipping.

Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 1:46 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:10 am
Picture of fly-tipping in Hartlepool sent in by Janice Barker
Picture of fly-tipping in Hartlepool sent in by Janice Barker

As reported in the Mail, Hartlepool Borough Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centre will start charging users for disposing waste the authority deems to be extra to the usual household waste.A tyre will cost £3.20 to dump, plasterboard will cost £6, bags of up to 25kg of soil, hardcore, rubble, hardcore including ceramic bathroom units and sections of plate glass will cost £3 each, and double-bagged cement-bonded asbestos will cost £7.20 to ditch.

The charges come into force on April 1, leaving many of you thinking it must be a joke.

Picture sent in by Janice Barker of fly-tipping in Hartlepool.

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Commenting on our Facebook page, Elaine Gaiety said: "When I saw it was on April 1 I thought it was an April fool, that's how stupid it is."

David Wheelhouse said: "It's a no-brainer fly tipping will increase, and people will put things in their bin that maybe they shouldn't. Another idea by our council not thought out properly.

Lisa Burnett said: "I hope it ends up on every street corner, as who will be left to pick it up then? It might make the council realise how silly there fees are and see how many are prepared to actually pay these charges."

The council said it tried to provide the "most comprehensive recycling and waste disposal service possible" but some types of waste were costly to deal with, and it is those categories of materials which the new charges would cover.

Picture sent in by Janice Barker of fly-tipping in Hartlepool.

Denise Ogden, the authority's director of regeneration and neighbourhoods, said in a statement: "There is no obligation for household waste recycling centres to take waste that isn’t produced in the normal day-to-day occupation of a home.

“These types of waste are very expensive to dispose of, but by applying a charge, the council can continue to offer disposal facilities for these materials to residents who would otherwise find them difficult to get rid of.”

But no one commenting on our Facebook page seemed able to agree. And so far, 90% of people taking part in a poll on our website believe fly-tipping will increase as a result of the charges.

Janice Barker sent us some pictures of illegal dumping she found recently in Hartlepool.

Picture sent in by Janice Barker of fly-tipping in Hartlepool.

"More fly-tipping expected," she said. "These were taken last week behind B&Q. Glass and rubbish everywhere. This was only a fraction of the piles of rubbish that were left there."

Lee Kennedy said: "Do the council speak to anyone (i.e.their own council tax payers NOT consultants) before they launch these ridiculous ideas?

"Would love my local councillor to come knocking on my door when the next round of elections happen. Regardless of their political bias I will be voting against who my current incumbent is."

Ian Saunders said: "Bad idea charging, fly-tipping will go through the roof and will cost the council more."

Picture sent in by Janice Barker of fly-tipping in Hartlepool.

Mandy Storer said: "Absolutely ridiculous, the tip is supposed to be a rubbish and recycling centre, isn't it? What happened to the council encouraging people to recycle more , it's an absolute disgrace the whole country is trying to solve the massive problem of fly-tipping and our council are just going backwards by creating a problem rather than fixing it."

Catherine Taylor said: "It's the helpful lads down the tip I feel sorry for! The flack they are going to get for this! And it's not their fault! The council are a complete joke!"

Mick Mac said: "What's the council going to do with the revenue it gets from this?

"I dare say it will cost more to clean up after people dispose of their waste another way bearing in mind this facility was created to stop people fly-tipping in the first place."

How the scheme will work from April 1:

On arrival at the tip, users will have to agree with a member of staff the type and volume of waste, determining the charge.

No cash or cheques will be accepted on site, only credit or debit cards.

Payment can also be made at the civic centre where a receipt will be given and the receipt should be taken to the centre when disposing of waste.

Starting from April 1, the tip will operate from 9am to noon and 1pm to 6pm from April to October and 9am to noon and then 1pm to 4pm from November to March.

Leaflets are being handed out to visitors to the Burn Road site. More information can be found at www.hartlepool.gov.uk/recycle.