Fears voiced over plans for new housing

RESIDENTS packed a public meeting to tell council chiefs their fears over future planning proposals.

The meeting at Fens Primary School was arranged by Fens Residents’ Association and attended by Hartlepool Mayor Stuart Drummond and senior planning officers.

It was called to debate Hartlepool Council’s revised proposals for a South Western expansion of the town, including a new housing estate at Claxton near the Fens.

Mayor Drummond and officers answered questions over the new proposals, which now include a large green wedge and a reduction in the number of houses.

Michael Ward, Chairman of the residents association said: “After taking into account the numerous responses to the original proposals the planners have introduced a green wedge which goes some way towards resolving concerns over loss of countryside, drainage, wildlife habitat and visual amenity.

“Despite this an overwhelming body of opinion remains that development at Claxton is not only unnecessary but would be the cause of many problems in the future.”

“It is not a ‘done deal’ and everyone’s opinion is valuable.”

Information about what the revised Hartlepool Core Strategy could mean for the Fens estate can be found at the Fens Residents Association website www.fensresidentsassociation.co.uk.

Comments can be emailed to planningpolicy@hartlepool.gov.uk or sent in writing to The Planning Policy Team, Hartlepool Borough Council, Bryan Hanson House, Hanson Square, Hartlepool, TS24 7BT.