Final book released this week

David McKnight reading Disney Book at HMS Trincomalee
David McKnight reading Disney Book at HMS Trincomalee

YOUNGSTERS can complete a magical collection when the final book in a series is released this week.

Famous Places is the 24th and final title in Disney’s Wonderful World of Knowledge collection.

Children across Hartlepool and east Durham have collected the whole range of fantastic books over the last six months.

And their bookshelves will be complete when the last book is released for just £2.99.

Youngsters can find out about famous places throughout the world in the company of the popular Disney characters.

Mountains, ancient cities and palaces are all included in the 57-page book.

A fascinating double page spread also lists the world’s highest waterfalls, largest suspension bridges, tallest buildings and largest football stadiums.

Hartlepool has its very own famous venue in HMS Trincomalee.

David McKnight, general manager, said: “The Trincomalee is absolutely vital for the town.

“It defines what Hartlepool is and who we are to the outside world.

“It’s fantastic for the town to have such a famous restoration and of course it’s the people of the town who created it.”

People can collect the book and complete the Wonderful World of Knowledge series for the bargain price with tokens available in the Mail.

The vouchers can be exchanged for the title at various outlets throughout the town.