Final list of candidates for Hartlepool’s local elections

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THE final list of candidates for next month’s local election has been released.

Local elections will take place in Hartlepool on Thursday 22 May to elect borough councillors - the same day as elections for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

In the elections, one councillor will be elected to each of the 11 wards in Hartlepool and will serve for a term of four years.

A total of 49 candidates are battling for a seat on the council across the wards.

Labour and Conservative have a representative in each of the 11 wards, while the Putting Hartlepool First group have put 10 candidates up for election having opted not to contest the Manor House seat.

UKIP has nine candidates, five people have been put up by the Liberal Democrats and there are three independent candidates with no affiliation to any party.

Details of the polling stations around the town will be released at a later date.

Burn Valley

Alec Gough (PHF)

John Lauderdale (Ind)

Ray Pocklington (Con)

Carolyn Stubbings (UKIP)

Ken Thompson (Lab)

De Brus

Jo Banks (PHF)

Jean McKenna (Con)

Michelle Plant (Lib Dem)

Stephen Thomas (Lab)

Ronnie Whitlock (UKIP)

Fens and Rossmere

Alan Clark (Lab)

Alison Lilley (PHF)

Dennis Loynes (Con)

Dave Pascoe (UKIP)

Pat Rayner (Lib Dem)

Foggy Furze

Phil Fenn (UKIP)

Lynn Gillam (Lib Dem)

Andrew Martin Wells (Con)

Maaija Sinclair (PHF)

Kaylee Sirs (Lab)


Robert Addison (UKIP)

Sandra Belcher (Lab)

Keith Fisher (Ind)

Shane Moore (Con)

David Riddle (PHF)

Headland and Harbour

Chris Broadbent (Con)

Peter Jackson (Lab)

Steve Latimer (PHF)

Jim Tighe (Lib Dem)


Chris McKenna (Con)

Richard Pearson (PHF)

Linda Shields (Lab)

George Springer (UKIP)

Manor House

Peter Davis (UKIP)

Marjorie James (Lab)

Mandy Loynes (Con)

Rural West

Martin Dunbar (Lab)

Kate Erskine (PHF)

Brenda Loynes (Con)

Eric Wilson (UKIP)


Tom Hind (UKIP)

Sue Little (Ind)

Graeme Measor (PHF)

Miah Shay (Lab)

Jayne Wells (Con)


Carl Richardson (Lab)

John Riddle (PHF)

Diana Wanduragala (Lib Dem)

Helen Claire Wells (Con)

Electors can vote either in person at their allocated polling station on the day of the poll or by post.