Fire sweeps through scrap yard

A fire rages at the EMR yard
A fire rages at the EMR yard

FIRE crews spent more than five hours at a scrapyard after a large blaze.

Black smoke filled the sky after the fire started at the EMR scrap site, in Thomlinson Road, Hartlepool.

A transformer caught fire at around 4pm and officers from Stranton, Billingham and Redcar fire stations raced to the scene.

Crews quickly contained the fire but were still at the site keeping a close eye on the cooling-transformer late last night.

Security then watched CCTV overnight to make sure the fire didn’t start again, and a crew from Stranton attended again this morning.

An investigation is now expected to be launched to find out how the fire started.

Mick Ireland, crew manager at Stranton station, said: “Transformers often contain oil and lots of other different materials which burn very easily.

“The fire was quickly contained so it wasn’t going to spread but we needed to keep a close eye on it to make sure it didn’t start again.

“We were there until around 11.30pm and then security watched CCTV to keep a check overnight.

“We went back first thing this morning to make sure it wasn’t going to start again.”