Firefighters called to tackle blaze in rejected crisp factory that smelled like smoky bacon

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FIRE crews were called to fight a blaze which had broken out in a 13-tonne pile of crisps in a barn on the outskirts of Hartlepool.

It was believed the smell of the blaze was similar to smoky bacon crisps.

Two fire engines from Peterlee Fire Station rushed to Hulam’s Farm, in Hulam, between Castle Eden and Hartlepool, - where reject crisps are recycled into pig feed - at 7.30am on Sunday, March 30.

A massive pile of crisps in a barn had ignited due to the heat of the oil they had been cooked in around half-an-hour earlier.

Crews used two water jets to extinguish the flames which left the crisps, and parts of the barn roof and walls, destroyed.

Watch manager Mick Henderson said: “We were called to the fire at Hulam’s Farm, in Hulam. It’s a place that takes reject Walker’s crisps and they are then recycled for pig feed.

“Thirteen tonnes of crisps had set on fire inside of a barn there.

“About half-an-hour before they were in hot fat getting cooked. The heat has retained and it’s ignited.”

He added: “We were there for about two hours using two jets to put the fire out.”