Firefighters finally end near week-long vigil at site of Hartlepool factory blaze

A factory blaze at Niramax has finally been extinguished - nearly a week on
A factory blaze at Niramax has finally been extinguished - nearly a week on

Firefighters who have spent almost a week battling a Hartlepool factory blaze have finally stood down from the site.

Crews were first called to the town's Niramax plant last Friday night after a fire was sparked in a machine inside a shed on the factory site - before spreading to other areas.

Fire chiefs who have been involved in the final stages of making the plant safe ended their six-day vigil last night after confirming the last flames had been extinguished.

Two appliances were at the factory last night carrying out final damping down work.

Large piles of rubbish were moved around the site to allow officers to complete the damping down.

A Cleveland Fire Brigade spokesman said: "Two appliances were at the site last night doing the final damping down.

"The fire was out last night.

"This was a deep seated fire involving a large amount of household waste."

It is thought the adverse weather conditions, caused by Storm Desmond, led to the fire spreading at the household waste recycling centre in Windermere Road

At the fire’s peak, residents were being urged to keep their windows closed to avoid breathing in the smoke which was blanketing the area.

At one point, there were 14 appliances at the plant before the fire was brought under control.

The cause of the blaze is still being investigated.

A spokesman for Niramax told the Mail “At around 11pm last Friday, a small fire broke out in one of our machines in a shed on site, which would have been locally contained were it not for the adverse weather conditions which caused it to spread.

“Firefighters were called and spent most of the night bringing it under control, and confined within the plant boundaries.

“We are working with authorities to establish how it started.”