Fish and chip fans from far and wide keep Good Friday tradition alive in Hartlepool

The queue outside The Almighty Cod in Seaton Carew on Good Friday
The queue outside The Almighty Cod in Seaton Carew on Good Friday

Fish and chip fans came from far and wide to keep the Good Friday tradition alive.

Seaton Carew attracted visitors from as far away as Essex as crowds flocked to the seaside for the first Bank Holiday of Easter.

Long queues snaked down The Front at as hungry visitors patiently waited for their portion.

Customers waited the best part of an hour to be served at The Almighty Cod.

Chris Milburn, who is originally from Hartlepool, but who now lives at Southend-on-Sea in Essex was among those waiting in the line.

She said: “I’m not having fish and chips myself but my family are. They’re absolutely fish and chip mad!

“We are staying in our holiday home at Denemouth Caravan Park.

“My husband will eat fish and chips any time, not just on Good Friday.”

Judy Hammell, from Norton, was also happy to withstand the long wait.

She said: “It would put me off if I had children with me, but there is just me and my husband.

“I always have fish on Good Friday even though I’m not Catholic.

“I have come to Seaton because I like the fish and chips.

“I only have them about once a month so I want nice ones when I do have them.”

Martin Ellis who hails from Hull was also a long way from home.

Staying at Crook in County Durham on a short break, he said: “I have come to Seaton for fish and chips.

“It’s traditional to eat fish and chips on Friday.

“They are supposed to be good here so we thought we would try it.

“Coming from Hull we know a thing or two about fish!

“I have been in the queue for 40 minutes and there is probably about another 20 minutes to go.”

There were also long queues of hungry customers waiting on the other side of the road outside Fish Face and Young’s.

Jan van Stekelemburg, who is originally from Holland and now lives at Crook, was visiting Seaton with wife Rachael and their two young children Matthew and Alloise.

Jan, a network administrator in the construction industry, said: “We are just out today with the kids. I said ‘let’s have a look out’.

“We come to Seaton quite often, about once a month.

“In Holland eating fish on Friday is the same if you are Catholic.

“Unfortunately, we do not have the good fish and chips as in England.”

John Cairns, 60, from Wingate, was also a satisfied customer after eating in the restaurant at Fish Face.

He said: “The service was great and the meal was great.

“Me and my wife come here pretty regularly. I think Seaton is a hell of a place.”