Fish and chips from Greggs? What you want the bakery chain to make next as it promises more new products

Fish and chips, gluten-free foods, pizza pasties, more vegan options and stotties in every UK store.

Thursday, 10th January 2019, 2:27 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 2:34 pm
Greggs. Picture by PA

They were among your suggestions and requests for new Greggs products after the bakery chain promised more options were on their way.

Chief executive Roger Whiteside pledged yet more new products would appear on Greggs' shelves in the coming months as the chain "continued to innovate with products designed to reflect changing consumer tastes".

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And you had plenty of ideas for new products - including some old favourites you'd like to see return to the menu.

After the success of the vegan sausage roll, it's no surprise some customers were keen to get more meat-free products - though others took more of a dim view to plant-based options at Greggs.

Peter Nevin‏ tweeting as @jarranev said: "Quorn pies."

Daniel Bates said on Facebook: "Vegan steak bake."

Others were keen for options to cater for people with different dietary requirements.

Anne Carter, Rose Curry and Cathrine Padgett all got in touch to request gluten-free options, including bread and pasties.

There were some quirkier requests, such as "banana sandwiches" and a "peanut butter fold". Mark Trotter wanted "pizza pasties".

@SAFCFAN2 wanted hot dogs.

@Q2Fur also wanted fish and chips.

Bob Jackson said: "I remember when Greggs used to sell chips. Used to get them in the one at Union Street."

JBLM Consultancy (@JBLMconsult) wanted Greggs to offer more upmarket options: "A deluxe range such as steak and ale bake!!"

Similarly @daveflo10 wanted "sausage and mixed herb pasta".

However, many people commenting on Facebook and Twitter were more keen on traditional products - in particular, old favourites which have disappeared from Greggs in recent years.

A number of people wanted the cornish pasty back. Others bemoaned the lack of traditional stottie fillings now on offer.

Dave wade @wadey1973 said: "Ham and peas pudding stottie."

Kevin Thomas Calcutt said: "The same product they sold years ago - the Cornish pastie - which they took away. And maybe put more filling inside like Dicksons."

Jim Urban (@urbs37) said: "Start selling the bacon and sausage sandwiches all day."

Greggs' regional variations also got you talking, with some North East ex-pats living in other parts of the country missing stotties and other region-specific products.

Michael Bird (@_Michael_Bird__ said: "Cheese savoury stotties down south!"

Conversely, Katherine Yarrow said: "The bread pudding they sell dahn sahf!"

Daini Peagram (@daini42) had an even more extreme regional request: "Come to Adelaide Australia!!!"