Fitness from Finland in the Dene

Members of the Nordic Walking group in Castle Eden Dene.
Members of the Nordic Walking group in Castle Eden Dene.

An East Durham group is looking for new members who are interested in with a healthy form of exercise.

The Castle Eden Dene Nordic Walking group is holding introductory starter sessions on Thursdays and Saturdays, costing £3 a time.

Described as a ‘total body workout’, the activity is said to exercise more than 90 per cent of an individual’s skeletal muscle and burn 46 per cent more calories than normal walking.

The sessions are run by a fully qualified British Nordic walking instructor, and poles are provided.

Booking is essential and can be done by contacting Anne Williams on 0191 586 7675 or emailing

The activity has its roots in the 1930s when cross-country skiers in Finland came up with a way of training in the summer months by just using their poles.

It came to the UK in 2005 and British Nordic Walking was formed in 2008.

Specially designed poles reduce stress on the lower back and knees, and add stability while strengthening muscle in the arms, shoulders, upper chest and back. It is also said to improve posture.

Organisers of the Castle Eden Dene group say the activity is a chance to ‘exercise with nature, which boosts mood and emotional well-being.

The introductory sessions will allow those giving it a try the opportunity to become familiar with the poles before going on a walk.

The correct use of the poles is essential to get the best out of the activity.

Because of increased muscle activity the blood circulation is increased.

For more information visit the Castle Eden Dene Nordic Walking Facebook page.