Fletch on the big screen

Steve Fletcher
Steve Fletcher

HE has made quite an impact on the pitch during 22 years as a professional footballer – and Hartlepool-born Steve Fletcher is now hoping to make the same impression on the big screen.

Steve, 39, has enjoyed an impressive career including appearances at Wembley, play-off joy and a brief stint as an assistant manager.

But the former Hartlepool United legend swapped football for boxing as he filmed a short film – The Boxer, which is now on its way to Cannes Film Festival.

And his acting opportunities do not stop there.

The dad-of-two, who has lived in Bournemouth since joining the club 20 years ago, is set to start filming for a feature film in September, expected to be released next year.

Steve, who started his football career when he was offered a professional contract with Hartlepool United as a 17-year-old, plays the role of a trendy barman in Doorways, a film about a week in the life of two doormen.

Two films in the space of a year for Steve – and it all started out thanks to a football supporter.

“I got a message from a supporter on Twitter and he asked me if I wanted to play a part in a film,” Steve told the Hartlepool Mail.

“It was just a short film and I played the role of a heavyweight boxer.

“Somebody saw it, was impressed and it went from there.

“Now it’s on its way to Cannes.”

Steve knows he is coming to the end of his football playing career, but he isn’t short of options.

Regular appearances on television and radio in Bournemouth and his acting performances leaves him with a number of opportunities when he finally decides to hang up his boots.

“My football comes first,” said Steve, who lives with wife Lynne, 39, and their two children, Danni, 14, and Emily, 11,

“But if I enjoy something and as long as it doesn’t interfere with my training I’ll give it a go.

“I said yes straight away when I got asked to play a part in Doorways.

“And like I have done with football and the media, I will put my heart into it and give it everything I can.”

The Boxer was directed by Bournemouth supporter Nick Dearman and tells the story of a boxer in the build up to his heavyweight title clash with Fletcher.

To watch a cut of The Boxer visit here