Flooding closes school

A PRIMARY school was closed for the day after a burst pipe caused severe flooding.

The caretaker at Sacred Heart RC Primary School, in Hart Lane, Hartlepool, discovered the flooding early yesterday morning.

The pipe had burst between the ceiling of one classroom and the floor of another in the two-storey building.

Staff quickly alerted parents that the school was to be closed for the day while repairs got underway.

Devastated headteacher Jeff Cook said carpets and display work on the walls had been completely ruined.

Mr Cook said: “It’s very hard to take when something like this happens.

“If we were in the middle of a fierce winter then you could understand it, but I think it must have just been caused by wear and tear to the pipe.”

Pupils were expected to return to school today.

The pupils who use the two damaged classrooms are to be moved temporarily while repairs are completed.