Flying high in the Navy

Jonathan Payne
Jonathan Payne

TEENAGE recruit Jonathan Payne is on track for a fantastic career in the Royal Navy.

The 19-year-old from Hartlepool is a step closer to becoming an Air Engineering Technician after completing his initial training at HMS Raleigh, in Cornwall.

The trainee sailor joined the Royal Navy in June and has now completed an intense 10-week course to prepare raw recruits for a service career.

It culminates with the passing-out-parade when the successful recruits march out in front of their proud families and friends.

The former Brierton Secondary School pupil, who used to work as a sales assistant, said: “I joined the Royal Navy for a worldwide career with lots of opportunities and for a job to be proud of.

“I’ve made loads of new friends during the course.

“Overall it’s been a great experience with both good and bad times, but I wouldn’t change a second of it.”

With the first phase of his training complete Jonathon will transfer to HMS Sultan, in Hampshire, where he will learn how to carry out scheduled maintenance as well as pre and post-flight servicing, as well as inspections for the Fleet Air Arm’s helicopters.