Folk film is in the can

Philip Muspratt
Philip Muspratt

A FILM about one of the most eye-catching houses in Hartlepool will premiere at a town movie cafe.

The Can House gives a unique insight into the life of Phil Muspratt who has decorated his home in Raby Road with 75,000 empty beer cans.

The 52-minute documentary, made by Hartlepool film-maker Neil Bianco and co-creator Michael Smith, will get its first exclusive screening at Flix Movie Cafe in Church Square on Friday, July 27.

It is described as a folk art film of one man’s folk art project.

Adam Bouabda, owner of Flix, said: “I know Neil the director and when he approached me about showing it here I was more than happy.

“I had already seen the trailer and he showed me an extended trailer of about 15 minutes.

“Personally, I think it’s a fantastic story.

“There is an underlying story there and Neil delves into that and that’s what documentary making is all about.

“It sometimes can be a little bit uncomfortable but that’s the idea, to gain knowledge of something.

“I think a lot of people think ‘what kind of people live there?’

“Well they will be able to find out.

“Ticket sales are going well and it’s going to be a good weekend.”

On its YouTube page the makers describe the Can House as an act of creativity that gives Phil’s life meaning.

The page says: “The film is by turns funny, tragic, heroic, pathetic, and most of all human, a testimony to the creativity and resilience of human spirit.”

Seats for the screening on Friday, July 27, have sold out but there is still places available for the showings on Saturday, July 28, and Sunday, July 29.

Doors open at 7pm but places are limited to 80 for each screening.

They are £5 and are available now from Biancos, The Marina, and Flix Movie Cafe.