Food reaps harvest festival rewards

Jon and Al Wales pictured with some of the food presented to the food bank by Golden Flatts Primary School
Jon and Al Wales pictured with some of the food presented to the food bank by Golden Flatts Primary School

KIND-HEARTED youngsters held a harvest festival and donated all the food they managed to collect to a foodbank appeal.

Pupils from Golden Flatts Primary School, off Seaton Lane, in Hartlepool, held a harvest festival performance in school which was watched by dozens of their parents.

And to mark the harvest season each child donated an item of food, from cereal and bread, to tins of beans and soup, which was all handed to the Hartlepool Foodbank, based in the town’s Church Street.

The children, aged from three up to 11 years old, had been learning about harvest time in the run-up to their special performance and about people who are less fortunate than themselves.

So they took great pleasure in handing over the food which they had harvested.

Higher level teaching assistant Claire Skilbeck said: “The children have all been learning about harvest time, crops, who they are going to give the food to, and how important it is to share.

“We took them on a harvest walk where we collected leaves and things to do with harvest, and then made a harvest display in school. They’ve all done brilliantly and especially loved practising for the shows singing and dancing. The kids have really enjoyed it and been really interested in it.”

She added: “They held their performances and then at the end all the food that the children had brought in was given to Hartlepool Foodbank which was very grateful for the donation.”

Mrs Skilbeck said some of the older classes carried out their performances yesterday morning (WED), while the nursery and reception groups held theirs in the afternoon, for which they had learned 10 different songs.

The Hartlepool Foodbank has been inundated with donations of non-perishable food items since the Mail launched the We Can Do It campaign, to help Hartlepool group Churches Together and Uk charity Trussell Trust collect three tonnes of food to feed people in need this winter.

Vouchers will be given to the poverty-hit to claim a three-day food parcel from Church Street, after being issued with vouchers from the likes of GPs, social workers, church leaders and also the JobCentre.

Figures show 28.6 per cent of Hartlepool children are living in poverty, and this scheme will help those most in need.

Foodbank volunteers will also be in the Central Square in the shopping centre, in the week beginning November 12, to collect non-perishable food items from shoppers.

Examples of the food desperately needed are dried or UHT milk, sugar, soup, pasta, rice, and sauces to go with it, tins containing tomatoes, meat, vegetables, fruit, sponge or rice puddings, tea bags, cereals, coffee and anything else not needing refrigeration.

Hartlepool Foodbank is in urgent need of volunteers to man the warehouse and distribution centre, to help with administration and fundraising and to collect food. For more information or to volunteer, call Al Wales on 07857 845937.