Footballers to tackle cancer

TOWN footballers are being urged to be more health-aware in a drive to tackle cancer.

Leisure Leagues, Europe’s largest providers of small-sided football, are at the forefront of a new campaign that encourages footballers to check themselves to reduce testicular cancer.

The organisation, which is setting up a league in Hartlepool, gives its profits to charitable causes and environmentally sustainable projects, including substantial donations to Cancer Research UK.

Leisure Leagues’ executive director Stephanie Bullock said, “Every year in the UK around 2,000 cases of testicular cancer are diagnosed. The most common symptoms are a painless lump or swelling on one of the testicles, usually noticed by the patient”.

The disease, that has affected a number of high-profile sportsmen in the recent past, kills on average nearly 100 men each year in the UK, and Leisure Leagues is hoping to reduce that figure by their continued help and support for Cancer Research.

The league will run at Grayfields All Weather Pitch on Tuesday, and anyone interested in joining Europe’s largest network of small-sided football, and helping Cancer Research in the process, can contact Leisure Leagues on 0845 2302340.

People can also register at, where they will be able to track their side’s progress with updated league tables, match reports and news on their league as well as finding out more information on the company’s charitable donations.