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Diamond wedding couple Jean and Bob Lupton
Diamond wedding couple Jean and Bob Lupton

HAPPY husband Bob Lupton says the secret of his long marriage is down to the quality of his wife Jean’s Yorkshire puddings.

The Hartlepool couple celebrated 60 years together with their Diamond Wedding anniversary yesterday.

And Bob, 82, had no trouble coming up with the reason for the success of their marriage.

“Jean makes the best Yorkshire puddings in town,” he said.

“That’s the reason why we have been together so long. I said the same on our golden wedding and I still say it.”

They met, like countless other Hartlepool couples, at the town’s Queens Rink Ballroom in the summer of 1951.

After a courtship of around a year and a half, they tied the knot at St Oswald’s Church.

Shortly after getting married, Bob and Jean, 78, moved to Peterlee where Bob worked as a gas service engineer.

He said: “I was the first one to put gas into Peterlee and the gas board offered us a house. There was only a few houses up there back then.”

They soon welcomed the arrival of son Robert and daughter Sandra, and lived in Peterlee for around 20 years until Bob retired.

He and Jean, who worked part time in a clothing factory and Marks & Spencer, set up home at Hart Station and now live on Hartlepool’s Naisberry Park estate.

They are proud grandparents to Michael, Gemma, Jenny, and Sarah.

They also have three great-grandchildren, Annabel, Georgina and Jack.

Jean and Bob both enjoy going dancing together, gardening and generally getting out in the fresh air.

Jean also keeps fit by going swimming three times a week.

She said: “We are very happy and contented and have a lovely family.”
They will celebrate the milestone this weekend with a big family meal at Hartlepool marina.

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