Former Hartlepool hospital doctor facing medical council allegations says he’s not racist

Dr Ragheb Nouman arriving at the GMC in Manchester.
Dr Ragheb Nouman arriving at the GMC in Manchester.

A Syrian medic is accused of claiming ‘Indian doctors will be the downfall of the NHS’ and ‘should clean toilets’ while he was working at the University Hopital of Hartlepool.

Dr Ragheb Nouman is facing a General Medical Council fitness to practice hearing over statements he is alleged to have made to members of staff and GMC investigators while working as a locum between May 21, 2012 and July 9, 2012.

The University Hospital of Hartlepool

The University Hospital of Hartlepool

The accusations include that following a trauma meeting in the Orthopaedic Department on July 9, 2012, Dr Nouman said words to the effect of: “I am not racist, I have no problem with Arabs or Jews, only with Indians and the Indian population.

“Indian doctors will be the downfall of the NHS.

“They [Indians] are very bad and have given me a difficult time.

“English Doctors are good, European Doctors are good, Jewish Doctors are good, just the bloody Indians.

“I have had enough of Indians.”

It is also claimed he made remarks by telephone to a General Medical Council (‘GMC’) investigation officer on August 3, 2012: “Is Mr [D] an Indian.

“I have been having many problems with Indian doctors.

“If Mr [D] is English then that’s ok.

“If Mr [D] is Indian, the complaint is a waste of time.

“The English are ok.

“You must understand that Indian doctors complain about me because they are rude.

“Indians should clean toilets, not practice medicine.

“Indians should be gardeners.”

On August 21, 2012 he is also alleged to have made remarks to Miss E, a GMC investigation officer by email: “I never been racist, so that complaint was fabricated by that heavy smoke Indian [B] – you could ask British or European doctors in North Tees Hospital whether I was racist.

“I will never accept to be insulted by cheeky Indian doctors, whereas I do respect polite Indian doctors. therefore you must understand that I am not racist but I hate cheeky people and you must understand that complaint was false and fabricated by that liar Indian so you can throw it in a rubbish bin as it is completely NIL.”

He is also accused of failing to stop working while suspended by the Interim Orders Panel of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service and other allegations not at Hartlepool’s hospital.

The hearing continues.