Former MP’s cancer battle

A FORMER MP is urging people to make the most of their lives as he begins his fight against lung cancer.

Hartlepool-born Frank Cook, who served as MP for Stockton North, is set to start chemotherapy after being diagnosed with malignant cancer.

The 75-year-old has a tumour in his right lung and a secondary tumour in a lymph gland near his heart.

Medics have told him they cannot operate on the small lumps due to a number of issues, including their location and his general health, so chemotherapy is the main method they can use.

Mr Cook told the Mail he “cannot wait” to get started with the treatment as he wants to fight the cancer “head on”.

He added: “The most important message out of all of this is that life is for the living of.

“I said when I first got colon cancer 22 years ago that I wasn’t going to let it kill me, I was going to live with it.

“It’s a matter of facing up to what is happening and getting on with it.

“We are born to live and that’s what I am doing and everyone else should be making the most of what they have.”

Mr Cook, who lives in Stockton with his wife, Princess Somsangouane Baldinger, from Laos, was first elected MP in June 1983.