Four cats die in one week

Gill McDade. with one of her other cats
Gill McDade. with one of her other cats
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A DEVASTATED animal-lover has warned pet owners to be wary after her beloved cat was poisoned.

Gill McDade, 48, was left heartbroken after her two-year old cat, Daisy, fell ill and had to be put down.

Vets have since confirmed that the cat had been poisoned by anti-freeze and said there has been a string of similar attacks in recent weeks.

The use of anti-freeze damages the kidneys of an animal and causes a prolonged and painful death lasting up to five days.

Gill, a mum of three who lives in Oxford Road, in Hartlepool, found her “sweet natured” pet suffering with fits last week after swallowing some of the substance.

Angela Holroyd, a vet at the Clifton Lodge Veterinary Surgery, in Stockton Street, Hartlepool, then confirmed that she had seen three cats who had been subject to the callous attack in the Oxford Road area of town within the last week.

Ms Holroyd said she believes the anti-freeze is being left out in Oxford Road, Shakespeare Avenue or Tennyson Avenue, all in Hartlepool.

She said: “This really is such a cruel thing for people to do.

“Once the anti-freeze gets into the system there is nothing that can be done to save the cat.

“Even if they survive the horrendous fits, it will just destroy their kidneys.

“I appreciate that some people don’t like cats, but leaving anti-freeze out is not the answer.

“It’s devastating for the owners and it isn’t just cats which suffer, what about hedgehogs and other wildlife?

“My message to people is to be vigilant, keep your eye out for anyone who may be committing such a terrible act.

“We will catch them out.”

Gill, who works as a branch administrator for Unison, said she has been left devastated by the heartless attack on her pet.

She says she understands that some people do not like cats, but that doesn’t mean they should be poisoned like this.

Gill, who has three other cats, said: “I just don’t understand what would go through someone’s mind to do this to a cat.

“I know that they sometimes go in gardens but does that really merit this?

“People can buy devices or put down orange peel or granules, they all deter a cat and they don’t put it through such a terrible ordeal.

“Daisy was such a lovely and well-natured pet, but it ended up having to go through a painful and prolonged death, it really was awful to watch.

“It’s so cruel and I wouldn’t want any other pet-owners to have to go through what I did seeing their pet suffer like that.”

l DO you think your cat has been poisoned, if so contact the Mail on (01429) 239381.