Free beds and matresses offer

Michael Piggins of The Sofabed Shop pictured with a mattress.
Michael Piggins of The Sofabed Shop pictured with a mattress.

A FURNITURE store has shown its charitable side by offering free beds and mattresses to any deserving causes.

The Sofa Bed Shop, in Lower Oxford Street, Hartlepool, has used beds and mattresses in excellent condition that have been collected from homes in part exchange for new furniture.

The store believes people in Hartlepool could benefit from them rather than sending them to landfill sites.

Michael Piggins, website and marketing manager at the Sofa Bed Shop, insists the items are in perfect condition.

He said: “A lot of people wouldn’t want a second hand mattress, but there is nothing wrong with them.

“We don’t want to be dumping them when they could be of use to people.”

The shop often collects used furniture from customers who have purchased new items from them.

They believe it is easier for their customers and saves them from having to arrange and wait for the council to dispose of the items or having to transport it to a landfill site themselves.

However, this has led to a backlog of old furniture and they would like to aid people who do not have much money.

Michael says: “We would ask people to write in and state what they are looking for and to establish a genuine reason.”

To apply, send your details and the reasons why you believe you deserve a free bed or mattress to: Sofa Bed Shop, Oxford House, Lower Oxford Street, Hartlepool, TS25 1PT.

Successful applications will be contacted in due course.