Fresh row over Hartlepool housing development as more bungalows planned for Dalton Piercy site

Residents in Dalton Piercy have hit out over plans to build an extra three bungalows on a site previously given approval for a controversial 31 home development.

Tuesday, 4th June 2019, 6:02 am

The plans were recommended for refusal by planning officers and attracted 65 objection letters from residents including a 79-signature petition from 49 homes in the village.

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Now Wynyard Homes have submitted plans for a further three bungalows to be built to the North West of the site.

Objections have again been submitted by nearby residents, with more than 45 objection letters submitted so far, including representations from the Hartlepool Rural Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.

Planning statements from Wynyard Homes state the new plans would not be detrimental to the character or heritage of the area and provided needed housing provision.

One of those objecting, Marian Lowe, 65, who lives nearby to the site with her husband, said she is concerned the new development will also be given the go-ahead.

She said: “There was a lot of anger in the village when the original development was granted.

“It’s not really a good site for more bungalows.

“It just seems that no matter what people say and what people do developments like this will just be granted.

“Everyone has been putting in objections, there is no good reason for it to go through.

“I just think it’s a bit unfair. Sooner or later we’re going to be joined up to Hartlepool. One of the nicest things here are these villages and the smaller sites.”

She added she believes the plans are in opposition to the Hartlepool Rural Neighbourhood Plan and the town’s Local Plan, and also raised concerns over the narrow width of the access into the site and lack of bus services.

A statement from the Hartlepool Rural Neighbourhood Plan Working Group chairman supported these concerns.

It said: “Since [the original] application was approved Hartlepool Borough Council has adopted its Local Plan which allocates sites for thousands of homes across a 15-year period.

“The Borough Council now has an abundance of housing supply in sustainable locations. There is no justification therefore for an unallocated site in an unsustainable location outside the limits of development as represented by this application.”

Dalton Piercy Parish Council (DPPC) also submitted an objection to the plans stating it would have a negative impact on the village.

It said: “All of DPPC’s reasons for objection to the original planning application are valid in regards to adding 3 extra dwellings to this development – even more so as more households will only exacerbate the issues raised.

“DPPC strongly feel their view is a very fair expression of the local people they represent. This development is already too large and in the wrong location.

“This development will change the nature of the village forever.”

However a heritage, planning, design and access statement submitted by GAP Design on behalf of Wynyard Homes, said the plans provide much-needed bungalows and do not damage the area.

It said: “It is important to note that whilst there are heritage assets within Dalton Piercy, they are not designated in order to prevent development from taking place within or near to them.

“There is an urgent need for Hartlepool Borough Council to increase significantly the supply of housing and the provision of bungalows.

“It is considered that the provision of residential development can be comfortably accommodated without detrimentally impacting on the character and appearance of the area or the amenities of existing residential dwellings.

“In conclusion while it can be considered the development will result in some change to the character of the area; however the change will not be detrimental to the character and appearance or setting of the area of any heritage assets within it.”

A decision is expected to be made on the plans by Hartlepool Borough Council planning department in the coming months.

Nic Marko , Local Democracy Reporting Service