Friends’ fundraising skydive in memory of grandmother

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TWO pals leapt from the skies to raise cancer charity cash for very special lady.

Chris Wood and Glen Moore decided to complete a skydive to raise money for Cancer Research.

Chris Wood and Glen Moore

Chris Wood and Glen Moore

And they did very well indeed - raising a whopping £8,000.

The pair chose the cause after Chris’s nan Edith Wood, 70, who brought him up, contracted throat and stomach cancer around two years ago.

Edith, who used to live in Hamilton Street, in Horden, but now lives in Rockpool Close, on the Central Estate in Hartlepool, had to have her stomach removed to make sure she was clear of the disease.

Unemployed Chris and dad-of-three Glen, from Milton Road, in the town centre area of Hartlepool, completed the skydive at an airfield in Shotton Airfield on December 21.

“My nan is my world,” said Chris, a dad-of-two. “It was a couple of years ago now that she got cancer of the throat which spread to her stomach so she had to have her stomach removed.

“She’s clear now thankfully, but it was a horrible time.

“I wanted to do the skydive to raise money for Cancer Research to obviously help people in my nan’s position. Glen wanted to do it as well because he’s had people in his family who have been effected by cancer.”

Chris wants to do at least one charity event every year to raise money for cancer charities, and in January last year completed a 2,000 metre swim which saw him rake in £4,800 for Macmillan.

Chris said: “I was very nervous before the skydive, but once I was out of the plane it was just excellent, there’s nothing better and the adrenalin rush was amazing.

“My nan was over the moon with us doing it, she was very proud.”